PCIHeartScan® has been providing carotid artery imaging, measurement, and reporting services to medical clinics and to the general population since 2001. Our process is called PCI HeartScan. We have generated a database of over 60,000 studies and serve client physicians in several states including NY, FL, KY, AZ, UT, CA, TX, and WA.


PCI Heartscan® uses state-of-the-art ultrasound images to process highly sensitive quantitative analysis of cardiovascular functioning. The information allows for the detection of cardiac disease in the earliest stages and for the evaluation of the treatment of cardiovascular disease over time. PCI Heartscan® relies on the findings of 20 years of research or over 100,000 subjects to determine both stroke risk and heart attack risk. Our own database includes over 25,000 studies of which about 8,000 are studies of the same subjects over time. We have developed through this experience the protocols to deliver efficiently, accurate, and reproducible results at a low cost.


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The 2011 AHA Guideline Updates
The 2011 updated guidlines from the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology Foundation. Read it on the web or download the PDF.

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